welcome-imageGive your child a head start towards reading by building early language skills through the award winning* Come Learn With Me book and toy series. Used by professionals and families alike, Come Learn With Me provides interactive activities for pre-school children, toddlers, children in early intervention services, and for typically developing children in home school curriculum. 

Easy-turning laminated pages that work well with dry erase markers, detachable Velcro pictures, and real toys help children to create their own stories and promote early literacy development. The Come Learn With Me book and toy series, created by practicing speech pathologists along with a special education teacher, is a great tool for early intervention settings, language development, early vocabulary development and pre-K activities.  Hands-on, structured learning is the foundation of this early language development resource.


The Come Learn With Me series is used to develop many types of communication skills associated with early literacy and vocabulary development including receptive language skills, expressive language skills, and cognitive skills.
Come Learn With Me is a simple and highly effective language development tool used by educators, speech therapists, and parents to help children who have been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and other disorders within the Autism spectrum.  

In an early intervention setting, Come Learn With Me provides effective teaching materials for children diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Apraxia, Language Delays, Speech Delays, Fluency, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, including Aspergers Syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorder.
As part of current methods of treatment for Autism and other diagnoses, Come Learn With Me can improve auditory processing delays, difficulty following directions, and speech and language development. In exploring teaching strategies for Autism, Come Learn With Me expands therapy ideas for both families and professionals.  As demonstrated by award-winning accolades and enthusiastic customers, Come Learn With Me is a valuable tool for advancing any young child’s language development and is a great introduction to the joy of books and storytelling.


  • Jillian Garrow

    I use the Come Learn with Me program with all my early intervention and preschool children with language delays. The kit is versatile targeting many receptive and expressive language concepts. As an evaluator I am able to assess many important skills from basic vocabulary to following 2-step directions. The children love the products because they are interactive and keep them involved in their learning. I would recommend this product to all speech therapists and special education teachers working with young children.

  • Jessica Laplante

    Really appreciate that these books are so durable and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. My children enjoy playing with the objects as they relate to the books. It’s a pleasure to watch them! I think every household with toddlers should have these books!!

  • Cami and Donald Sharp

    These books are great! I’ve never seen my son have so much fun with a book. He loves the objects and the removable pictures. It’s helped us help him work on improving his language skills. Absolutely love them!!